The Design of a Belt

French Touch

The creative department, with its unique „French touch“, is composed of designers from different backgrounds. They have brought together their different talents to create The Belt. A belt can be recognized by its buckle and we wanted it to be technical and resolutely typified. The RECIFE buckle takes up the main stylistic elements of the brand including the serrated cone. Each part of the buckle is manufactured separately before being polished, decorated with a coating of your choice and then assembled with the precision of a watchmaker.



Favouring uncompromising quality, our craftsmen work only with the best leathers whose characteristics are chosen according to the belt’s end use: golf, water sports, motorcycle, casual sportswear or formal wear. Each RECIFE belt follows the same manufacturing steps: cutting the shape, assembling the outer part with the reinforcement and the inner part, polishing and painting the edges, polishing the paint finish, sewing.
The inside of the belt is finally hot engraved with a gilding iron with the name of the brand before assembling the buckle.


Each belt goes through a quality control where all the steps of the manufacturing process are checked: perfection of the leather selection, paint finish, accuracy of the stitching, quality of the engraving, assembly of the buckle. The same highly qualified craftsman is responsible for his products from the beginning until they are ready for delivery.


Creative Eldorado

From the status of an accessory to that of the last piece of clothing to be conquered, the belt is for RECIFE the new creative Eldorado. RECIFE reinvents the belt and makes it emerge as a new creative space in a wardrobe already overexploited in terms of style.

It's all in the detail


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