RECIFE brings Pen Chic to the market while capturing the imagination of word lovers everywhere with the joyful imagery of its writing instruments. RECIFE reinvents the pen and makes it emerge as the new platform to express design and personality. The pen becomes a travel memory essential for the flamboyant urban and world explorers. From a simple writing tool to the last realm of accessories to be conquered, the pen is for RECIFE the new creative Eldorado.

Urban chic

This collection reflects our commitment to contemporary design and the increasing fascination with uncommon looks, materials and textures.

Art factor

In a shiny deep black dress or with a streamlined steel body, this collection demonstrates subtle doses of tradition and avant-garde techniques.


POP is a joyful collection of iconic RECIFE writing instruments for contemporary women and men on the move. Since 1987, these RECIFE pens with their legendary design and arty colors have given a new DNA to the world of writing and turned pens into fashion accessories.

Limited edition

Inspired by contemporary art such as the famous RECIFE Andy Warhol© collection, by the music scene like RECIFE The Beatles or resulting from an exceptional jewelry artwork such as the Route de la Soie collection, these limited editions, reflecting our craftsmanship and passion for exceptional pens, have become highly desired collector’s items.

The small leather goods

RECIFE reveals the natural charm of leather with its range of travel essential accessories. Leather is soft, carnal, timeless. It adapts wonderfully to modern ways of traveling and living. RECIFE offers a wide range of colors, sizes and shapes that will win over and satisfy the flamboyant traveler.


The charm of natural leather enhanced by vivid colors. Soft, carnal and timeless, it adapts wonderfully to modern ways of traveling and living.


The timeless elegance of the croco textured matt leather. The Siam collection, with its exquisite touch of exoticism, is an ode to the beauty of the handmade.


The provocative sophistication of the shiny lizard patterned leather and its vibrant colors define a new way of living the accessory every day.

The Cigar Aficionado

RECIFE is the name associated with the legendary cigar cases used by flamboyant explorers and travelers during the past century. These trusty pocket size travel companions held the cigars, cigarillos and cigarettes of the men and women who wrote the most famous pages of our history. Today, these legendary cigar cases have won the hearts of international trendsetters. Being passed from one pocket to the next, with their various sizes and styles, they come in bright and cheerful color ranges. With always the same motto: protect your world best cigars, from upscale cigar lounges to trendy after-works.

Chesterfield culture

Soft full grain leather in contrasting colors with white saddler stitching for a casual chic mood.

Miami vice

Shiny lizard patterned leather and sparkling colors for a voluptuous and impertinent style.

Cuba libre

The casual elegance of a croco patterned matt leather with an audacious red stitching for a true spirit of adventure.


Made of full grain calf leather, this collection is inspired by the Havana spirit and the stone washed colors of its century old buildings.

The Belt

In the kingdom of fashion RECIFE belts reign supreme. From a simple accessory to the last realm of clothing to be conquered, the belt is for RECIFE the new creative Eldorado. Loyal to its joyful style and vivid colors, RECIFE has mobilized all its creative capacities to design a collection of flamboyant belts. RECIFE reinvents the belt and makes it emerge as the new platform to express design and personality in a wardrobe that is already overexploited in terms of style. More than an accessory, the belt becomes a wardrobe essential.

Hot couture

Enjoy a timeless and casual elegance with the Weekender collection and its stylish colorful natural leather.

Easy rider

Walk on the wild side with the vintage touch of the Easy Rider aged leather.

Arty dandy

Fashion and etiquette reign supreme with Arty Dandy and its croco printed leather, for a look that is sublime without interruption.


Enjoy a timeless and ca sual ealegance with the Weekender collection and  its stylish colorful natural leather.


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